Daylight Lodge N0.232 F.&A.M

Freemasonry is many things to many people. At it’s core, Freemasonry is a course of moral and philosophical instruction, veiled in allegory and taught by symbols.

That is the basis of our Craft that you will receive at all regular Masonic Lodges. That philosophy naturally predisposes our organization to be a charitable fraternity, focusing on doing good works in our communities.

Additionally, some Lodges prefer to study that philosophy in greater detail. Some Lodges prefer to be a place where men of good will can come together to improve themselves regardless of faith or creed. Some lodges prefer to be a social environment.

All these things are valid descriptions of what Freemasonry is and people will get out of our organization that which they put in. Whatever one’s interest in Freemasonry is beyond our tenets, there is almost certainly a Lodge out there that fits them.

We’re the Lodge of the Arts, founded in 1920 by performers, musicians, and stagehands.

Unlike most other lodges we meet during the day. We take this tradition from our founders who were Masons working in theaters during the years of vaudeville, who were at work in the afternoons and evenings. Many of our early members needed to meet during the day as it was the only time their careers in theater would permit. They would meet at 10 AM on Saturday so that they could make their matinee curtain calls at noon.

Because the live theater world is much smaller today, we now have members from all walks of life. However, the lodge continues the tradition of meeting during the daytime at 10 AM on the third Saturday most months at Green Lake Masonic Hall.

Our connection to the theater world lives on. Several members are involved professionally in the arts. However, most of our members are busy working professionals who weekends are most convenient for them to participate in Freemasonry.

Daylight Lodge has several long standing, active engagements in the community. We sponsor and honor the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras with a backstage pizza feed for the young musicians, and a yearly honors dinner and are proud to co-sponsor the band stand at the Fremont Solstice Fair since 1999.

Our members are found on various boards:

• The Washington State Arts Commission
• The Youth Symphony Board of Trustees
• Community Boards and theater events

What sets a Masonic Lodge apart from other organizations is our formal ritual, such as the initiation and an animating philosophy that is contained therein. These are transformational and meaningful experiences for new members, as well as long standing members who participate in them. Daylight Lodge and its members are known for our ritual work. Any man who joins Daylight Lodge is recipient to some of the very best ritual work found within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Washington. As The Lodge of the Arts, it is only fitting that we honor our past members by ensuring that our ritual is executed with as much skill and spectacle as can be.

Daylight is a lodge that is active in Masonry, in the community and wherever the members find a way to contribute. It is a Lodge of young Masons who enjoy fraternal fellowship, being active in our communities both on an individual basis and through Masonic charity work. We also very much enjoy social events outside of the Lodge as well.

Three years in a row Daylight was a national award-winning Masonic Lodge because of its community involvement and overall lodge activities.

Daylight Lodge No. 232 was started in 1920. It has a tradition of the support of Music, Theater, the Arts and today of Technology. Daylight’s young officers and members make it one of the most active and exciting lodges in the Seattle area. They are active in the Grand Lodge too. It is a lodge of various ages, ethnicities and backgrounds welcoming qualified and worthy men.

SYSO and the FREMONT FAIR are typical of Daylight Lodge’s commitment to community service. Members have served on Governor appointed State Commissions, as President of the SYSO Board, Labor Union elected officers and community service boards. Like all Masonry, Daylighters are working to make their communities better.